CESUR has been producing suits in Turkish ready-made clothing sector since 1980 and it is also the most important brand that dresses the leaders.



Cesur textile, using exclusive materials, offers the highest quality with original designs. It appeals to gentlemen who like to wear elegant and stylish. It also offers a wide collection that can be easily worn such as suits, grooms, pants, shirts, coats, shoes, ties and accessories.

Our company is moving firmly on the way to branding in the European market. However, due to factors such as fabric selection, attention to detail, the integrity of the collection, design of products, quality and customer satisfaction, it began to make its name in a wide market in a short time.




To create a difference in product, service, trust and quality circle, to provide lasting superiority in the sector and to be a recognized manufacturer in men's clothing sector.

CESUR takes advantage of the Internet age and globalization. It brings together the two pillars of the modern business environment and it is a company that offers superior products to customers at affordable prices.

Our goal is to deliver our products meticulously from tailors to the end customer. With the slogan ‘’The Customer is King’’ ,  we will make a great effort to buy and use our products in a fun, exciting and reliable way.

Another goal is to not only sell you suits, to build a relationship with our customers. For this reason, we encourage you to give us feedback and use the form under the customer service section.


We wish you a pleasant shopping experience in CESUR and look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards.